DIY: The Magic of Making

Opening Reception for “DIY: The Magic of Making”

Two-Day Exhibition April 18 (6pm – 9pm) & April 19 (11am – 6pm)

showcasing artwork created as collaborations between student artists and science professors at UNC
on display at the Center for Advanced Hindsight, 2024 W Main St, Bay C, Durham.

Research shows that when we expend effort in creating something, we place a higher value on the fruits of our labors than similar products that we had no hand in making. Also known as the IKEA effect, this phenomenon explains why we have such an affinity for our own creations but fail to fully appreciate the works of others.

DIY: The Magic of Making takes an introspective look at the science of producing art, with a twist. Rather than one artist creating one piece of art, two minds will work together to forge a partnership between unlikely pairs: student and professor.

In this collaborative project, art students at UNC matched themselves with science professors at their university to create a work of art together that was inspired by the professors’ research

The resulting artworks will be on display at Dan Ariely’s lab, The Center for Advanced Hindsight, for a two-day pop-up exhibition. Stop by the Third Friday Opening Reception (April 18 from 6-9 pm) to meet the artists, the professors, the Center for Advanced Hindsight researchers, and other art-science enthusiasts!

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